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Social media and creative enterprise are spilling into many parts of working life. This short course is designed as a framework for you to extend your practice through an intense immersion in a contemporary creative network.

We take the ethos of social media – open discussion, participation and collective knowledge – to drive the course. Entrepreneurial spirit is the DNA of the experience.

Workshops will be themed around phases and modules. You will be working with other creatives in the course to create your own profile and the strategies to build momentum in your venture. The course is aimed at building knowledge, expertise and outcomes as we go. You can opt to push further into research and development in the weeks between the contact points.

At the end you will have created a comprehensive online presence, produced a strategy document, explored opportunities open to you, gained an understanding of how social media works, and enhanced your presentation skills – all in three weeks!

The course is designed and run by Marius Foley from the School of Media and Communication RMIT. Marius and colleagues have done practice-based research into social media and new models of media education.



Introduction and overview: you and social media + creative enterprise
Identity and reputation
: forming a vital and authentic reputation as a relational practitioner
Audiences and spaces
: creating personas to get closer to the audience; reading the social space
Guiding principles
: setting the reference points to manage your social media/creative practice
Social media strategies
: producing appropriate settings for a social media/creative practice
Communication strategies
: working the media; developing a release campaign and the conversation
Research and reflection
: methods to understand the field and your own practice


Scoping the Media
: research and select media relevant to your area
Writing for social media
: callouts, search engine optimization and direct communication
Funding development
: micro financing and other sources for seeding and development funds
Hothousing an idea
: intense analysis and development processes
: proof of concept models


The business case
: costing and evaluation processes; intellectual property and Creative Commons licensing
Social media and creative enterprise strategy document: completion
: communicating your ideas and proposals


This course is constructed as an intense, co-creative experience. It allows you to build a social media and creative enterprise practice with the supervisor and peers. The course is a staged program of workshops, hands on activity and reflection. On completion you will have built your profile, developed an integrated social media suite and expanded your practice. You will walk out with a Social media and creative enterprise strategy document…and be the envy of your friends!

For more information contact

Stephen Joyce
Business and Innovation
School of Media and Communication
RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia
+613 9925 4671


Media campaign

Promoting the short courses will combine social media and traditional media channels.

The courses are packaged as one in all publicity, though participants can choose to do only one aspect [i.e. social media or creative enterprise].

Media outlets:



  • GLAM: galleries, libraries, archives, museums
  • Education: staff using social media
  • SCE small creative enterprises
  • Advertising, Design, Photography studios
  • Architects
  • Fashion, Product designers
  • Artists, New Craftists
  • Media organisations [small and large]
  • Musicians
  • Filmmakers



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